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Challenge 1

Support Events and Workshops

Lesnes Abbey Woods is beginning to run events and workshops again and we would like volunteers to help support this programme.

Challenge 2

Ancient tree detectives

Help us and the Woodland Trust to find and record ancient trees in our woods.

Challenge 3

Social Media Champions

Become a Lesnes Abbey Woods Social Media Champion and help spread the word of this amazing woodland and park.

Challenge 4

Spawn Survey

Help us and the Freshwater Habitats Trust collect data on the whereabouts of frog and toad spawn across the country by taking part in their PondNet Spawn Survey

Challenge 5

Website tester

Lesnes Abbey Woods has recently launched a new website. We are interested to learn from remote users about their experience of using the website and if they find the information useful and helpful.

Challenge 6

Share your memories

What does Lesnes Abey Woods mean to you? Share your memorable moments with us.

Challenge 7

Gardening Volunteers

Lesnes Abbey Wood is home to some beautiful landscaped gardens. We rely on the help of our volunteers to help keep the gardens well maintained and tidy.

Challenge 8

Wildlife Recorders

Contribute to building up comprehensive species records by commiting to a regular survey such as a butterfly or bumblebee transect which will help inform how we manage the site.

Challenge 9

Lesnes Abbey Diversity Champion

Could you be part of an informal virtual steering group representing diverse communities around the Abbey Wood area, including Bexleyheath, Woolwich, Dartford?

Challenge 10

Nature Conservation Days

The site relies on the help of our volunteers to maintain and manage the woodland, heath, meadows and ponds. The work we carry out on the practical conservation days varies greatly according to the season and daily requirements.

Challenge 11

Nature and History Guides

We are looking for volunteers who would like to become Lesnes Abbey Walking Tour Guides, to take visitors around Lesnes Abbey Woods either focusing on the history or ecology/geology of the site (or both).

Challenge 12

Signs of spring

Help us to record the progress of spring this year and add to a gallery on our website