Hour or Two

Ancient tree detectives

Help us and the Woodland Trust to find and record ancient and veteran trees in our woods.

What's involved?

Visit the Ancient Tree Inventory where you’ll find lots of information about how to look for ancient trees and what to record when you find them.

Next time you want some fresh air, visit Lesnes Abbey Woods to find your tree and record it ready to let the Woodland Trust, and us, know what you have seen.

We know that some trees have already been recorded but you can still add more information about these. It’s important that we hold up to date records. If the tree has grown, lost limbs or changed in any way, please update it. Adding images is really useful too.

Please email a copy of any records that you send to the Woodland Trust to lesnesabbey@bexley.gov.uk

Why get involved?

Your records of these oldest and most characterful trees help us to identify ancient tree hot spots, monitor current threats and future losses, plan how best to conserve them in the future and much more.

This would be a great family activity and will help us to care for the woods.

How to get involved?

Sign up or sign in to your account

Accept the challenge

Follow the links to the Woodland Trust, explore the woods and report back to the Trust and to us

Log your hours for us so we can see just how much time volunteers are giving to support us

Ideal Skill

  • Nature Conservation

Ideal Interests

  • Wildlife and nature
  • Interest in Lesnes Abbey Woods
  • Working outdoors
  • Nature conservation
  • Plants and nature

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