Hour or Two

If you have see  evidence of breeding frogs and toads, or you spot some spawn while out on a walk, why not record your findings and contribute to the Freshwater Habitat Trust's spawn survey? By also letting us know what you see you'll help us to understand the health of our ponds

What's involved?

Visit the Pondnet Spawn survey webpage https://freshwaterhabitats.org.uk/projects/pondnet/spawnsurvey2021/ where you'll find a form you can download along with lots of help and advice. Visit Lesnes Abbey Woods and make a note of any spawn, tadpoles, frogs , toads and other amphibians you see. Fill out the Pondnet survey online and please then email lesnesabbey@bexley.gov.uk to let us know what  you saw when and where.

Why get involved?

Your survey findings will be fed into the WaterNet database where your data will be freely available for Government bodies, NGOs and local people to download to feed into local wildlife plans and other surveys. It will help us to plan how to best care for and maintain our ponds.

How to get involved?

Sign into your account or sign up

Accept the challenge

Visit https://freshwaterhabitats.org.uk/projects/pondnet/spawnsurvey2021/ for details of how to carry out the survey

Enjoy a visit to Lesnes Abbey Woods, check out what you see and feedback to the Pondnet survey online and to us via email lesnesabbey@bexley.gov.uk

Mark the challenge as complete in your account so we can see what contribution volunteers are making

Ideal Skill

  • Nature Conservation

Ideal Interests

  • Working outdoors
  • Nature conservation
  • Plants and nature
  • Parks and the outdoors

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