Hour or Two

Wildlife Reporters

Greenspace for Greater London (GiGL) collects data on the natural environment across London. Help us and GiGL to increase knowledge about the area around us by reporting what you see on your walks through Lesnes Abbey Woods.

What's involved?

Please make sure that you follow all social distancing rules and stay 2m apart from anyone not in your household.

During your walk make a record of what animals, insects plant and trees you see, and what and birds you see or hear.

If you’d like some help identifying what you see then here are a few links that might be useful







Go to the GiGL website and log what you saw www.gigl.org.uk/submit-records/

Why get involved?

Enjoy your time outdoors and support us our team by expanding our knowledge of what’s living and growing around Lesnes Abbey Woods.

How to get involved?

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Accept the challenge

Visit Lesnses Abbey Woods and report what you see to www.gigl.org.uk/submit-records/

Log your time in your acount and see how it adds up

Ideal Interests

  • Wildlife and nature
  • Interest in Lesnes Abbey Woods
  • Working outdoors
  • Plants and nature

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