Regular Help


You could become one of our regular volunteers.


Challenge 1

Support Events and Workshops

Lesnes Abbey Woods is beginning to run events and workshops again and we would like volunteers to help support this programme.

Challenge 2

Lesnes Abbey Friends

We are looking for people who care passionately about this beautiful place and want to see it continue to thrive and develop. We’d like to establish a Friends Group to develop and contribute to events, volunteering days and to fundraise.

Challenge 3

Lesnes Abbey Learning support

We are looking for volunteers to support our education team, North West Kent Countryside Partnership, to give schools a great learning experience at lesnes Abbey Woods.

Challenge 4

Nature and History Guides

We are looking for volunteers who would like to become Lesnes Abbey Walking Tour Guides, to take visitors around Lesnes Abbey Woods either focusing on the history or ecology/geology of the site (or both).

Challenge 5

Wildlife Recorders

Contribute to building up comprehensive species records by commiting to a regular survey such as a butterfly or bumblebee transect which will help inform how we manage the site.